My Creative Journey

I extend grace and gratitude toward both my parents for fostering my creative spark and guiding me toward the art of design. Through their freelance career paths, I experienced the freedom of living a life imbued with artistic expression.

As a child, I spent an endless amount of time in my father's art studio, witnessing him create life on canvas, his true gift of being an illustrator. As my creativity expanded, I began to recognize my mother's ability to create a well designed life through the power of being an entrepreneur. 

Although I am mainly self-taught, I did have the opportunity to study a Design Foundation program at Humber College, where I absorbed various elements of design from industrial and interior design to package and graphic design. This course led to a seven year position working in the art department of a leading souvenir company. It was here that I acquired many of my technical skills as a designer. In addition to the expansion of my craft, I was in the presence of influential leaders who became great teachers, facilitating my exploration and evolution as a designer.

After taking the leap into the field of freelancing and embracing my desire to be an entrepreneur, I have found that the most important area of study and the greatest line of work is within ourselves. When we direct our attention inward and live from the essence of who we are (spiritual beings having a human experience), we begin to express a higher level of energy and experience the exultation of life.

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