The Designer

Shannon Alexandra McLaughlin

As a child, I spent an endless amount of time in my father's art studio, witnessing him create life on canvas, his true gift of being an illustrator. Although I am mainly self-taught, I had the opportunity to study in the Design Foundation program at Humber College. There, I absorbed various elements of design from industrial and interior design to package and graphic design.

This course led to a seven-year position working in the art department of a leading souvenir company where I acquired many of my technical skills as a designer. In addition to the expansion of my craft, I was in the presence of influential leaders who became great teachers, facilitating my exploration and evolution as a designer.

After taking the leap into the field of freelancing and embracing my desire to be an entrepreneur, I have found that the most important area of study and the greatest line of work is within ourselves. When we direct our attention inward and live from the essence of who we are, we express a higher level of energy and experience the exultation of life. This energy allows me to harness the power of my artistic gift to serve others through the channel of design.




Gary McLaughlin

Often dubbed "Rockwell of the North", Gary McLaughlin's talent for painting people is the key to his celebrated style. His dynamic illustration style reflects the influence of internationally known illustrators such as Bernie Fuchs, Bob Peak and Bart Forbes.

McLaughlin graduated from Toronto’s Ontario College of Art in1978. His first job post graduation was to paint an original canvas for the 50th anniversary of Maple Leaf Gardens. Harold Ballard commissioned the work and personally directed the details of the images in the montage. The original hung in the lobby of the arena for over a decade.

Throughout his forty-year career as a freelance illustrator, McLaughlin has painted for international clients, art directors, national and international publications, and advertising agencies. Below is a short list of the companies and brand names for which McLaughlin has created original artwork.

Fox Searchlight (for The Shape of Water)
Federal Express
Olympic Games (for 1992 Barcelona Olympics)
Sony Inc.
Shell Canada
Purdy’s Chocolates